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At A Place 2 Grow, we serve children ages 6 weeks to 12 years. Our highly qualified, dedicated and certified teachers provide foundations for your child in language, literacy, math, science, art, music, physical development, and social concepts.

Our curriculum provides a stimulating and challenging experience for each student. Each child’s progress is tracked to ensure that he or she is meeting his or her potential.

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By incorporating developmental programs with state-approved curriculum, we can provide for your child’s physical, mental, emotional needs in a comfortable environment conducive to learning.

We strive to make curriculum decision-making a transparent, organic process. We view curriculum as everything that happens during the day with the children. We believe that each moment offers an opportunity to explore and create that nurtures children, teachers, and families.

There are always questions to pursue, hypotheses to investigate, and discoveries to celebrate. Curriculum happens all day, in every routine, action, and interactions. We encourage our teachers to see themselves as guides, carefully watching and listening to children as they work and play. We support our teachers’ roles as participant/observers, action researchers, and curriculum decision-makers.

Teachers are expected to know, understand, and collectively participate in on-going dialogue about how the program philosophy translates into curriculum decision-making and daily activities that demonstrate best practice and support children’s individual needs and interests.

A Place 2 Grow hasn’t thrown out a curriculum based structure completely but continue to work within a curriculum framework, rather than adopting a particular commercial or published curriculum.